As an April Fool's stunt, a tight team of four: a content strategist, a back-end engineer, a front-end engineer and me, the UX designer used after-work hours to create our ultimate dream, a dating app based on burrito preferences.

Some highlights include:
• 771 signups in 7 days
• 975 messages exchanged
• The longest conversation is 59 messages
• Total amount of press TBA since the duration of this has been prolonged.

The success of this was due to the collaboration of a unique team as well as focus on components that lead to a high-impact minimum viable product:
• Hitting the right tone of "serious enough" and "silly enough" 
• Ensuring the concept is easily relatable to a vast audience regardless of age, ethnicity, gender, and gender preference.
• Staying true to the spirit of dating
• Using a dependable existing structure to modify and build upon
• Using a web app for quick deploy, maximum and versatile reach on any mobile or desktop device

As for design elements, easily exportable SVGs from Sketch was an obvious answer. Color and illustration style had to align with the right tone and audience expectations.